Thursday, October 27, 2011

A quick update from Shoreline (Wash.) CC

Remember this team, right? Coach Greg Turcott and the men's team at Shoreline (Wash.) Community College are System-bound this season, and I asked him for an update on the progress thus far in practice.

The Dolphins were 13-13 last season, including 6-10 in the Northern Region.

Greg Turcott: "So far it has been easier in regards to the coaching because we are doing the LMU system and have had workouts all fall to put it in. The difficulty is in helping the kids to understand the overall philosophy of shooting open shots and taking chances on defense.

"I really like the style, the pace, and the fact that the kids are in a system where they don't have to think too much as they are running to designated spots on every possession, make or miss! It is a different way of playing and coaching for sure but one that I really enjoy and believe in!!"

Very brief, but great information nonetheless. We'll check back in with Coach Turcott soon.

Also, I hope to have an update in the next day or so on the NCAA Division II women's team at Oklahoma Panhandle State, which was scheduled to scrimmage this week. Make sure you stop back by in a couple of days.

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