Sunday, November 28, 2010

Galesburg HS continues to roll

The 3-pointers aren't going in quite as much as they did last season, so those home fans aren't taking advantage of the "Three-diculous" promotion to get free McDonald's triple-cheeseburgers (more on this later). Still, the girls' team at Galesburg (Ill.) HS appears to be "Streak-ing" at the moment and using The System to dominate opponents.

On Saturday night, Jessica Howard made six 3s and scored 21 points, leading the Streaks past Rich East 86-55 in the their own Thanksgiving tournament, their third consecutive victory overall. Galesburg (4-2) made 12 3-pointers in all, tying its season high but falling short of the 13 required to give participating students the coupons for the free burgers. Remember from last year? "Triple-cheesburger" has 13 letters, the Streaks shoot a bunch of 3s, so a local McDonald's agreed to be a part of this. Neat stuff.

Here are the Formula stats, and remember, the final quarter had no clock stoppages:

- Attempted 67 shots (goal is 72)
- Attempted 40 3-pointers (goal is 36)
- Rebounded 57 percent of its own misses (goal is 40 percent)
- Forced 29 turnovers (goal is 26)
- Attempted 12 more shots than Rich East (goal is 20)

Pretty impressive stuff, as was the halftime score: 59-27 favor of Galesburg. Howard was her usual spectacular self, and she had tons of help up and down the roster, with Jessica Lieber (15 points), Jamie Johnson (12 points and 15 rebounds) and Tai Peachey (nine assists) helping out a bunch. Others chipping in included Myra Diggins (nine points), Sadee Hamilton (six points and six rebounds) and Emma Junk (season-high eight points and five rebounds, all on the offensive end).

Here are some thoughts from coach Evan Massey, courtesy of his blog: "I don't know if it is just the quality of this group or if it is the nature of playing 12 kids regularly but at this point in the year, they are extremely unselfish. It seems like they all know they are going to get a chance to play so they are not worried about personal stats. Definitely fun night!"

I couldn't have said it better myself. Of course, I wasn't even there, so how could even comment? Hmm, weird. Anyway, way to go, Galesburg. Coach Massey and the Streaks are off until Thursday night, when they host undefeated Rock Island at 8 p.m. EST. I'll have an update.

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